Eligible to Win Over 30 ETH in Giveaways Just By Minting!

Eligible to Win Over 30 ETH in Giveaways Just By Minting!

Welcome to the FrenchFellas collection

FrenchFellas is an NFT collection of 2,000 hand drawn and unique French bulldogs with different attributes and rarities


What is FrenchFellas? FrenchFellas is an NFT collection of 2,000 hand drawn and unique French bulldogs with different attributes and rarities. The collection consists of 10 legendary and 1,990 rare/common NFTs, 1,900 being males and 100 being female Frenchies

About The Collection

How are the attributes selected?

The attributes are randomly generated during the minting process, you cannot predefine or know in advance how your NFT will look.

Every attribute has a specific rarity, which means that a combination of certain rare attributes can lead to a higher selling value of the NFT you minted.


There are currently over 10,000 holders in the FCF ecosystem and there are exactly 2,000 FCF NFTs available for minting.

The high demand and the low supply will make trading these unique NFTs worth your while.

You will be able to resell the NFT on the marketplace and earn a good ROI or could hold your NFTs and mate them to create offspring in the 2nd collection!

FrenchFellas Roadmap

At every 100 mints after #500 we will be giving away $1,000 to 1 holder

25% ✅

50% ✅

75% ✅


Upon Sellout (8.8 ETH giveaway) 1 holder will win 4.4 ETH + 4 holders will win 1.1 ETH each

Phase 2

INTRODUCE BREEDING ( Male+female holders will be able to breed 1 baby per match) METAVERSE INTEGRATION: AVATARS AND PET AVATARS

FrenchFellas Team




John French Connected



Frequently Asked Questions

French Fellas is an NFT collection of 2000 unique hand drawn characters on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of ERC-721 tokens. Our collection consists of 95% male Frenchies and 5% female Frenchies. Females are a rare gender because you will be able to breed your female Frenchie with up to 10 different male Frenchies to generate a baby Frenchie for our second collection.

There are 10 Legendary Frenchies. Anyone that mints a Frenchie has a chance at minting a Legendary NFT. These are VERY rare NFTs which will have their own rewards. I.e., $2,500 will be sent directly to the wallets who mint any of our top 2 to 10 Legendary Frenchies.

A grand prize of $10,000 will be sent to the first owner of “Gotti the Don”, which is our rarest NFT.

Whitelist presale is on December 17th at 6 PM EST. Public mint will be on December 18th at 6 PM EST. Make sure to keep an eye on 【📢】announcements and follow our Twitter and Instagram pages (https://twitter.com/fcf_Bsc) (https://instagram.com/frenchfellas) for updates.

Mint price is set at 0.08 ETH + gas fees.
You will be able to mint an NFT directly from our website (or from the Etherscan contract). Make sure to join our Discord and read the instructions in 【📋】how-to-buy for more information. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask questions in 【❓】support
Yes, we will be donating to a French bulldog shelter/charity that will be chosen by our community and owners.

Each whitelisted member can mint up to 2 French Fellas during the 24-hour whitelist purchase. At public launch, there will not be a mint per wallet cap. More information will be posted in 【📢】announcements

Your unique NFT will be revealed on Sunday, December 19 at 6 PM EST.

Our team (founders, moderators, artists, developers, marketers) will NEVER contact you first. Make sure to screenshot and report the user in our 🚨|reports Discord channel.
Our 10,000+ member community is already at work marketing our project in many different ways. We have a team of TikTok/Instagram/Twitter influencers working with us, and Youtubers who post about us on their channel weekly and promote our entire ecosystem. We have adds running 24/7 at targeted audiences and we are getting amazing feedback from them.
Head over to 💌︱ideas-and-feedback and write up your ideas and/or feedback. Make sure to be as detailed as possible. Whether it’s for marketing, artwork, use cases, or any other aspect of our collection, we are always listening to our community’s recommendations.
Gas prices can vary at any moment. This is why we will be giving our whitelist members a 24-hour time frame (for our worldwide community) to mint their French Fellas. Each buyer can monitor the gas prices and mint when its at it’s lowest within the time period.
– Each French Fella owner will be guaranteed a whitelist spot in any future projects.
– Owning a male and female French Fella will allow you to breed them and create baby Frenchies.
– Baby Frenchie owners will be nominated for giveaways and prizes! $$
– Would be personally contributing to a French bulldog shelter/charity of which our community will decide.